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Mélisa L.

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Paris 13e Arrondissement 75013

Fench lessons for foreigners

Hello there!

Do you need help to feel comfortable in French? Do you need to practice your French before your interview, your diploma (DELF / DALF...), etc so on? Don't panic, I'm here to help you!
First thing we could start with is defining your expectations; what is your current level in english and what are the goals you want to reach. I ll be here to help you along the way...
We can also define your interests, so I can set up some efficient lessons.

I love using videos materials, songs, cultural topics, role-plays, situation(al) simulation or awarness and above all... get you to speak!

My lessons are intended to be for beginners or intermediate-level foreign students, who are attending school or not.

Thanks to my bachelor in foreign languages (English and Chinese), I've acquired a C1 level in English and a B2 level in Chinese. I also got my bachelor degree in literature with an English option as well as the Cambridge English certificate (level B2).
In this way, I am qualified to teach French to English speakers and Chinese speakers.

Feel free to contact me !

Payment by CESU (50% discount on your taxes)
1H = 20€ ; 10€ after reduction. (Discount)

The price will be reduced if the lesson is collective.
The price of the lesson would increase depending on the distance.

Price of distant courses (FaceTime, 1H) = 18€

I can't wait to start working with you !

Conditions Tarifaires

Tarif : 20€/h

Cours assurés par la MAIF

Conditions d'annulation : flexibles. Le 1er cours peut être annulé à n'importe quel moment. Des frais d'annulation (5€) sont appliqués.



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Elsa is a French native-speaker who studied literature and already has an experience in teaching French to foreigners. She spent one whole year teaching French to Chinese children in Beijing. She is really focused on the French pronunciation - one of the biggest difficulties - and the grammar. For advanced learner, she can also give an introduction to French literature. The...